Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In the Beginning...

Ever since my friend Cordelia introduced me to a bunch of her favorite blogs I've been playing around with the idea of starting my own. I love browsing the list of blogs I've started following myself since this last summer...the beautiful photos, fashion, and crafts are a feast for my eyes and truly spark my imagination and creativity. The blog community is so unique -- it's so interesting how our mediums for connecting with people has changed as we discover new technologies. Over time, however, there's the strong urge between people to connect and learn about others, and I want to be involved!

I'm pretty busy with classes, but I want to post thoughts, inspiring photos, links to beautiful things, and maybe even some of my own photography :) Life gets so much richer if we all open up! I feel so lucky sometimes, like today, walking to class as soft snowflakes came floating down. It's still really powdery and fluffy, so I felt like I was walking to class inside a snowglobe. I absolutely LOVE weather...boots, cozy scarves, and mittens just make me so happy! I'm so blessed to be able to live here and enjoy this beautiful campus. Another highlight of my day was catching up with my friend H. I LOVE this girl, and our addiction is Starbucks, a.k.a starbs as we refer to it via text. After I got my grande caramel macchiato with soy we walked over to Urban, where H promptly lost her phone. We seriously searched for 25 minutes before shaking out a rack of jeans and hearing a plink! as her phone dropped onto the ground. It'll be funny later once I'm not so sweaty.

Snowflakes, starbs, and new textbooks -- what a great Tuesday :)